Friday, October 17, 2014


Do you like to torture yourself? Me too. That is why I dressed the most disagreeable toddler like Pinocchio and then attempted to take his picture. I almost lost my mind over this, so I hope you enjoy it! And the photos aren't the greatest ever, but cut me some slack. You have no idea what I was going through. From the way he was acting, I can hardly believe the donkey ears and tail didn't sprout!  All things considered, it was totally worth it! I mean, the little Jiminy Cricket! 

I get a sick high out of the fact that I spent zero dollars on this. For the lederhosen I just cut one of the girls' hair ribbons in half and stuck it on the side seams of his shorts with double sided tape. Took 5 minutes, max. 

I actually have a Pinocchio nose that I wanted Tom to wear, but the hat and cricket were already pushing him over the edge, so that's where I drew the line. No nose. But you can use you imagination ;)

Hope you're all having a ridiculous amount of fun thinking up Halloween costumes for you and your kids! When everywhere you look is horrible news, you have to focus on making and having fun, even if it means torturing yourself and your children in the process.  TGIF, everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So today's Halloween costume idea is none other than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  Easiest costume ever. We seriously threw this together in maybe 10 minutes, and forgive me for saying so, but AWESOME! Look at this kid!! He's feelin' the rockstar vibe, and I'm loving it kind of a lot!

BAM! Even broke a string, in true rockstar fashion.

Who's The Boss now, Springsteen?!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Welcome to day two of our Halloween costume creations and a far cry from the Maria Von Trapp post. 
I'm sure I'll get some criticism for dressing my five year old like Dolly Parton, but I'm willing to take it. When I was six I was Dolly for Halloween, and I LOVED it! I think I enjoyed it because it made everyone laugh. So in the spirit of all having a good laugh, I give you Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. 

This was so much fun, people. I really couldn't believe how much Enid got into character. And apparently Silas was confused about Kenny Rogers and decided to do his best rockstar impression. By the way, I made them listen to Islands in the Stream before we did this, and Silas covered his ears in disgust. Sorry, Kenny and Dolly. 

So throw stones if you will, but my kids are homeschooled. We gotta live a little!  Look for another costume post tomorrow, one that's more up Silas' alley. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Halloween is my favorite holiday. FAVORITE!  I'm sure it has something to do with all the dressing up we did throughout my childhood. My mom has quite the collection of costumes, most homemade, and hats and wigs and glasses and all kinds of fun stuff she collected over the years of being a most awesome mom and grandmother. Her dress-up closet cultivates such creativity and imagination, so whenever Halloween rolls around, we hop over to Grandma's stash to see what we can pull together. So stay tuned for some fun costumes we came up with while digging around and playing and pretending at Grandma's.

Costume #1... Maria Von Trapp. Every Sound of Music lover's dream come true costume for their little girl.

All you need for Maria is a blouse, vest, skirt, straw hat, flats, and guitar. Super easy to throw together last minute, folks. 

And if you are really good at convincing your kids to dress how you'd like them to on Halloween night, which I am not (Enid insists she's gonna be a cowgirl), you could dress big sister as a nun! Now THAT would be cute!