Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am currently woking on some custom illustrated portraits of a friend's kids.  When I do work like that, I need good photos from which to work.  The photos she sent me were really cute, but they were all low-resolution phone pics which make it difficult to see details.  So I then requested her send me some higher resolution images so that I could better see facial features and such.  Y'all, this story makes me very sad.  She didn't have any to send!!

Parents, you need good pictures of your kids!!  You don't want them growing up and only having grainy phone pictures to look back on.  Seriously!!  So what is the solution?  Hire someone with camera skills to take pictures of you and your kids.  Do it.  Let's face it, you aren't going to get a camera anytime soon, and if you do, you're not going to know how to use it, so hire someone!

You know, I have some pretty cool people in my life.  Sometimes I think to myself, "How did I get so lucky to know so many cool and talented people?!"  Stephen Jerkins is one of the cool and talented that I get to call my friend.  Stephen is talented on many levels, but he makes his living as a Nashville based photographer, and he is a good one to hire.  The above is his son, Reason.  The man giving him his first haircut is Reason's grandfather.  What?!  That picture is completely perfect.  As is this one...

...and everything Stephen shoots...

There is just something about a perfectly captured moment of your family, parents.  Do what I am telling you.  You cannot freeze your children and keep them from growing up, but you can freeze a moment in time, which I think is pretty incredible.

Here is some good news for people in my neck of the woods.  The talented Mr. Jerkins will be making a brief trip to central Arkansas April 10-12 and is generously willing to schedule family sessions while he is here.  Do it, local yocals!  Your children will thank you.  You will thank yourself.  I promise.  Below is a little flyer giving you information on a family session with Stephen.  I was shocked at what a great deal he is offering!

To schedule your session follow this link to Stephen's contact info.



  1. The photos Stephen takes of my family are invaluable treasures. I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have them.

  2. He did pictures of our whole family (my parents and all siblings/spouses, plus my kiddo) a few years ago. I love them so much! I keep saying that I want to do that with just the three of us...but something always comes up and we haven't done it. Thanks for the reminder, Hannah!

    1. Book a session, Sherrill!! No time like the present!

  3. cute and beautiful pictures i really like these pictures


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