Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Have you ever been in a metaphorical fog, only able to take on and finish absolutely necessary tasks?  That's where I have been this week. In a thick fog.  My brain hasn't been in a good place.  This happens from time to time, and it feels impossible to regain control of my thoughts and emotions.  What's even worse is, the fog makes me a terrible person, unhappy, grouchy, not able to enjoy the sweet now happening around me.  The good news is, I feel the fog lifting this morning.  And I am back to my old tricks, starting with this quick blog post.  I don't have much to share or say, but I had this need to post something, so I am.  Today I am looking life in the face and not letting it get the better of me.  I will defeat the fog.

I am looking forward to my friend Cassie (see THIS post) taking some fun photos of me and my crew tomorrow.  I can't wait to share what that's all about.  (Not a new baby or anything drastic like that!)  Hope you all are having a fog free week!


  1. I have felt the same exact way this week.

    1. Yes, especially living in central Maine during this time of year. I so want/need to dig in the dirt, garden, and be outside. But alas, that is still months away. I stumbled upon your blog this week via Instagram (@nattiesmum) and I have found your voice refreshingly candid.

    2. I want to be a digging in dirt, gardener like you!!! Maybe this spring is my spring to acquire a green thumb. I'm so glad you've found me, and I you! I really enjoy the connections that blogging/IG have allowed me. Oh, and I think my husband would sometimes prefer my voice not to be so candid. Ha! But thank you!!


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