Monday, April 21, 2014


We live in a small town.  What's to do in a small town, you ask?  Uh, well, there are of course petting zoos that pop up in the local Tractor Supply parking lot.  So when my friend, Stephen Jerkins, came to town to snap some photos of my crew, the venue was a no-brainer.  He called and said, "I want to get the Carpenters on a camel."  And that he did (evidence below).   We also risked disease and death (according to the orange warning sign above) to pet some goats and other "vermin".

I don't know how Stephen got these next two pictures of Tom.  He was running the entire time.  Running, full speed, all over the place, which is his M.O.

Reality is...

So that camel ride...

And the Carpenters rode a camel.  And this picture will go down in history as one of my all time favorites.


So there you have it, recreational life in small town Arkansas.  A special thanks to the incredible Stephen Jerkins for documenting and for encouraging a camel ride.

I hope everyone had an extra special Easter yesterday.  And, by the way, did you know that the Easter bunny is a thing that kids believe in?  I did not.  And neither did Enid.  And now neither do the kids in her Sunday School class.  Oops.

Also, a very fun giveaway is happening on here this week.  It involves shoes.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow!



  1. I am thrilled with these pictures…the mid-air running and the mega second of head tilting goat gazing…just such an awareness of when to click. Steven Jerkins, you captured well.

  2. Lovely, Hannah! The camel shot is magical! And - oh, boy - that Tom Little. xoxo


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