Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Errrbody gettin' their Artifact Uprising on.  And if you aren't or haven't, Mother's Day is a good time to try it out.  Heath was on me for like every holiday from his birthday last year to Valentine's Day to Father's Day to Christmas to his birthday this year and then Valentine's Day again to order a book of our Instagram pics.  I finally placed the order.  He's so great at picking up on hints and running with them.  I am not.  And I wasn't really into the idea.  I was all, "We can just look at the pictures online," and Heath was all, "It's not the same."  As usual, Heath was correct.  All that to say, I am in love with this little book.  

Artifact Uprising makes it super easy to order printed photobooks.  If you have an Instagram account (which you should if you do not), it's as simple as selecting the particular layout you want, then picking the photos and pressing "order".  Design and quality is obviously top priority for Artifact Uprising, and I like that.  Soooo...if you are looking for a great little Mother's Day gift, place an order.  It's affordable and easy and pretty.  



  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about our company! we love what we're finding on your blog - so much inspiring content!

    1. Well I was just being honest, as I have a way of doing. Love this little book. I'm already looking to order my second. Thanks for such incredible attention to detail!


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