Love and dedication, integrity and law-abiding, innovative development

Happy employees, serving customers and giving back to society

About us

Green Manufacturing

The company adheres to the green and intelligent manufacturing route, takes the road of sustainable development, and implements the business philosophy of "green intelligent manufacturing". Assume the corporate social responsibility.

The company continues to increase technological transformation, especially the heating equipment with high energy consumption in the forging industry, study the reasonable arrangement of heating control areas, design the heating system and temperature control system in zones, and ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature by using precise temperature control technology, which not only To improve energy utilization, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the quality of high-end products is stable, and achieved good results.

Volunteer Spirit

"Sacrifice what you give is comfort, and don't care about those who are ruthless", the company actively fulfills the important responsibility of benefiting the society and contributing to the society, and is committed to repaying the society and serving the people. Relying on the "AVIC Excellence Shuxin Volunteer Service Team", the company has always infiltrated the spirit of volunteers into the company. In the construction of corporate culture, it actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, organized a series of condolences and funding activities, and repaid the society with practical actions, realizing the unity of the company's economic and social benefits, and the harmonious development of the company and the society.

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